P.O. Box 495
Livingston, LA. 70754

About Joey


Joey was born and raised in south Louisiana in a community called Colyell.  After graduating from Southeastern Louisiana University, meeting and marrying his beautiful wife Martha and having their first child he always had a deep feeling that something great was missing in his life.  Working a few years locally and then accepting a job out of town and literally being gone five out of seven nights every week the Lord had began to work overtime on Joey’s heart, and had isolated him for such a time as this to show him the true condition of his life.

One night alone in his apartment which contained no furniture and four hours away from his family he dropped down to his knees and asked the Lord to come into his heart and fulfill everything that he felt like had been missing all his life including the overwhelming feeling that he should be doing something other than what he was doing.  The Lord extended his mercy and grace to Joey and on November 20th, 2005 he was saved and washed by the blood of the lamb!  Since that time the Lord has done a magnificent work in his life illuminating his call into the ministry and creating a fire that is shut up in his bones, gracefully the Lord has opened up doors for him to preach and teach the Gospel.  To literally be able to expound what is on his heart, a message of release from bondages and deliverance from a life of sin and strife, growing in the knowledge and grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Joey is a missionary evangelist who preaches and teaches wherever the Lord opens up opportunities.  His passion is to preach the love of Christ too the world which also dwells in us!  Communicating that God died for us to not only have eternal life with Him, but to have an overcoming abundant life here and now.  Preaching that we can live the life God intends for us to live, we can love in the capacity that he intends for us to love, we can have peace in the midst of all life’s storms, if we will just yield ourselves to Him and allow God to live and function through us, as His Spirit flows through us to literally become the sons of God walking in His power, and not our own (John 1:12).  

Joey currently resides in Colyell, Louisiana where the good Lord has blessed him with his loving wife Martha, and their two beautiful children, their son Dristan, and daughter Da’Shae.